Tranquil T'ai Chi​​ & Qigong​​


Balance     Perspective     Patience

I am often asked if I have ongoing scheduled classes that someone may "drop-in" on as a way of "checking out" T'ai Chi. The short answer is "no", but this should not put anyone off discovering if T'ai Chi and Qigong is right for them. I have chosen to teach individually or in small intimate groups (couples, families, friends, etc.) because of the tremendous benefits of individualized instruction. There are many books and videos available purporting to teach T'ai Chi - a few are even pretty good! But they all, even the best of them, lack one essential attribute - feedback. You can't ask a book or video to clarify an important point. Nor can they assess if you really "get it". They cannot correct poor form that, at it's worst can actually be damaging. I pay a great deal of attention to how each student moves, what their individual strengths or limitations may be, and what adjustments might be needed to accommodate their current condition.

Group lessons, as typically offered in martial arts schools, adult education or other introductory courses, are often unable to adjust lesson pace, content or focus due to the "common good" nature of the group. Teacher/Student ratio may also factor in reducing attention and, again worst case, increasing risk of injury.

At Tranquil T'ai Chi, each and every lesson is tailored to the student's abilities, interests and progress. This 100% individualized approach sets Tranquil T'ai Chi apart from the typical "store-front" studio or large group program. Students are encouraged to progress at their own comfortable rate.

So instead of dropping in on a class you may not understand or be able to follow, schedule a no-cost, no-obligation visit to my studio where you can participate (or not), ask questions, and get the information you need to make an informed decision.

Lessons may include:
Simplified Static and Dynamic Qigong Sets
Traditional Qigong Sets - Yi Jin Jing, Fansong Gong, Ba Duan Jin, Wu Qin Xi and others
8 and 16 Step Introductions
Modern Simplified (Yang) style 24 Step Form
Modern combined International Competition Forms (32, 42 Empty Hand Forms)
Weapons Forms - for intermediate to advanced students- straight sword, broad sword, fan
Introductory Chen Style Form & Silk Reeling
Introductory Sun Style Form
Evidence-Based Taiji (EBT) & Qigong Program
Doctors and Therapists are increasingly recommending T'ai Chi to their patients as part of a comprehensive wellness program. Our programs and lessons emphasize nurturing and may complement students' needs for alternative therapies.

Recent studies point to the positive effects of T'ai Chi for persons with Parkinson's Disease or Parkinsonism, Fibromyalgia, Hypertension and other conditions. Students with special needs are welcome at Tranquil T'ai Chi, and lessons may be customized to accommodate caregivers needs as well. 

My "mission" is to de-mystify these practices, making them accessible to our "western minds", and assist people in their pursuit of a healthy mind and body. I am dedicated to providing my students with a complete curriculum for T'ai Chi Chuan practice, and each program is catered towards the individual, with a commitment to the highest standards of personal service.

No two students are alike; physically, mentally, or aspirationally. While the student must decide if a teacher and training environment are a good "fit" for them, as a responsible teacher I must assess each students' needs and desires as well. To assure a productive relationship is possible, I encourage potential students to contact me for an introductory visit and program discussion.