Tranquil T'ai Chi​​ & Qigong​​


Balance     Perspective     Patience

In this section you will find a list of books (with links to Amazon) that I regularly read, reference, and re-read. It is by no means exhaustive as the field is constantly growing with some pretty good and trustworthy materials. 
In the opinion of many respected masters in the T'ai Chi community, this may be the best book published on the topic explaining WHY to practice T'ai Chi and get the most out of it. You will not find s lot of traditional forms or routines, nor detailed descriptions of Qigong exercises. Rather, you will find clear explanations of the benefits, rooted in science, for how to approach your own practice in the most meaningful and beneficial way.
Simplified 24 Yang-style T'ai Chi Chuan is argueably the most widely practiced T'ai Chi form in the world. In this humble volume, Master Liang provides detailed step-by-step instruction for this popular form. Additionally, photos and explanations of several possible martial applications are shown to deepen the player's understanding of the purpose behind the movement. A DVD by the same title is available, however it is not a teaching video.
Professor Deyin is one of the foremost authorities on modern Taijiquan in the world. This comprehensive volume, quite literally a textbook for Taijiquan practice, covers history and several "modern" combined competition forms for both empty hand and straight sword (jian). It comes from most resellers with an excellent demonstraion DVD.
Grandmaster Liang, Shou-Yu has authored or co-authored several important books on the "internal" styles of Wushu. This volume provides in-depth traditional Medical, Daoist and Wushu Qigong practices with excellent overall insight into TCM principles.
​This is a "go-to" book for most qigong practice that goes deeper than typical "lightweight" sources.
Dr. Yang, Jwing-Ming is a prolific author (having founded his own publishing company YMAA), and co-author with Master Liang of several important volumes.  Many of his books include historically significant direct translations of ancient source texts. This volume differs from his usual academic approach, and instead gets right to the meat of the matter by equipping the reader with all the necessary What, How, and Why to begin and develop traditional practices.
Not a T'ai Chi book! This is one of the best, simple and clear books on the subject of stretching available. Using clear and suitably detailed illustrations rather than photos, stretches are categorized for body region, activity level, and many sports.  Many variations are provided as well as what NOT to do.
This book uses a combination of photos and illustrations to demonstrate many common exercises using body weight, free weights, and exercise apparatus. In this way the reader can devlop a clear understanding of the structural parts, particularly the muscle sets, recruited in each activity. Anatomically detailed enough to begin differentiating exactly WHICH muscle is aching!
The last in the line up of anatomy books, this illustrated encyclopedia quite literally covers it all. Rich with photos and just-detailed-enough drawings, it will deepen your understanding of the complexity of the "bag of bones" we call humans.
In this section you will find links to YouTube sites with excellent exemplifications of several of the forms I teach. These are not "teaching videos", in that there is little if any explanation of the movements. 
Please note that all of these videos are performed by highly experienced Masters; the length and depth of their postures are exemplary and aspirational - NOT a starting point!

Yang 8 Step Demo - Beijing Style   This is the simplest form I teach and is an excellent foundational goal for nearly every student. There are slight variations to the form as I teach it, mostly to accomodate beginners who have not reached Master Yip's skill level!

Simplified Yang-style 24 Step Taijiquan  Perhaps the most widely practiced Taijiquan form in the world, this is the form most people think of when they say "I want to learn T'ai Chi".

Master Yip Leading Group in 24 Step Taijiquan  Again Master Yip, this time leading a group of mixed levels in the 24 Step routine. I include this so aspiring players can see that you don't have to be a "master" to enjoy and paticipate!

Cheng Zhenglei 18 Form Chen style Taijiquan   ​Grandmaster Cheng Zhenglei performing his "signature" 18 Form. This is a great introduction for players to fundamentals of the Chen style. When combined with silk-reeling exercises, students deepen thier connection to Yang-style movements and strengthen their T'ai Chi"roots".

42 Step Taijiquan International Competition Routine   An advanced routine combining elements from four different styles of T'ai Chi, the 42 Form remains a beautiful expression of all T'ai Chi's important characteristics.

42 Step Routine with 6 Month Old Baby!  One of my favorite videos for the sheer entertainment value. The expressions of both father and child, and the care Master Chenhan Yang shows even while executing difficult steps capture the joys of performance.